Is the birthplace of the human race truly in Africa, as mainstream anthropologists and geneticists insist? One might argue that the birthplace of black and Asian humanity may in fact have African roots, but since the mid-twentieth century evidence has emerged that places the evolution of the European people on a separate evolutionary track entirely. It might actually be said with confidence, once both genetic and anthropological evidence is gathered and presented, that Europeans are a distinct species. The argument has always been that Northern Europeans and Africans can mate and have children. Simply argued, many separate species can mate and produce viable offspring. Another misconception is our close genetic similarity, a mere 1 percent difference, that exists say between Africans and Europeans. That 1 percent is not a small difference at all. That 1 percent is a massive difference, when one consider we are 98.9 percent identical to Chimpanzees. But look how much difference there is in the small amount of genetic variation. The fact that there is a considerably narrower difference between human races is not as significant to the commonality of all humans as one might think. Africans and other non whites are not just of different skin tone but have a very different skeletal and cranial structure, their feet, legs, buttocks and other traits are shaped and structure differently, as well as the brain size, IQ, emotional make up, and our biochemical make up is also vastly different.

There has been evidence, however, that such interracial couples have a harder time continuing a healthy pregnancy and a natural birth than do parents of the same racial background. Also, many northern Europeans have RH Negative blood. Those with RH Negative blood lack the Rhesus monkey gene, which all other peoples on earth share in common. Those non-Northern Europeans without RH Negative blood whom mate with those who do are virtually incompatible as mates, and European women must have medical assistance just to bring the pregnancy to term. For 40,000 years the genetic make-up the white Aryan race has been distinct, and shared by no other population on Earth. In 1959, Northern Greece became the location of a discovery that challenged the idea of common African origins. There, a 700,000 year old skull was found resembling that of the earlier hominid species known as Homo Erectus. Surprisingly, although this skull was far more primitive than that of Homo Sapiens, the skull more closely resembled Europeans. It has a projected nose, a more narrow skull and a prominent chin. Its brain size, thick brow ridge and teeth were consistent with earlier pre-human creatures, but the fact that it resembled Northern Europeans in so many other of its traits made it a unique find. The fact that this skull was 700,000 years old and antedated the earliest known humans in that region of the world, and provided an even earlier date for the emergence of the particular Nordic phenotype, in this case among pre-Homo Sapiens, made it a staggering find. Nevertheless this skull was duly suppressed by mainstream academics as not fitting inside their desired racial model of political correctness. One might assume that the notion of politically correct academics is only a later twentieth century invention. Marxists academics have pushed the idea of a raceless melting pot of humanity since the Frankfurt School was established in the 1920s.

A recent find in Germany, of an ancient primate that appears to be a common ancestor to both apes and modern humans, was discovered. This contradicts even Charles Darwin’s assertions that the earliest human ancestor can be found in Africa. Further fossil evidence for early upright-walking hominids near the Caucuses mountains, an early human species known as Homo Georgicus, shows that there is much evidence to support parallel evolution and convergence rather than common ancestry for the origin of the European racial group.

Europeans are also the most diverse racial population on Earth. The differences in skin tone, skull shape, hair and eye color, are truly unique. All other races on Earth share the same dark skin tone, the same dark eyes and dark hair. Further genetic research has shown that as early as 30,000 years ago there was a second near mass extinction of humans and a bottleneck effect among Europeans which further distanced them genetically from other human peoples. This might be the case, but there is even more fantastic scriptural and mythological evidence that suggests that there is more to the origin of modern Europeans than even evolutionary biologists can explain. I must admit I would feel more comfortable not acknowledging any true African or ape-like origins for our folk. And the more I study the myths and legends and ancient traditions of our European folk as well as that of other peoples, it becomes apparent that something even beyond evolution is responsible for our unique variation.

Throughout the ancient world, there are rumors of the gods descending from the sky and giving non-whites culture, like those of North and South America, and even the Pacific Islands the rudiments of culture and civilization, and especially those of the Americas that repeatedly speak of Caucasian-like beings known as sky people. Even in the Norse Eddas, it is said that Europeans descend from the gods, and that through them, our ancestors were a powerful race of giants. The Irish Cycles and other Celtic myths also speak of the Irish and other ancient Aryans as descending from the Tuatha-De-Denaan, in myth a powerful race of blond and red-haired god-men of gigantic stature. We discussed the possibility of independent, biological evolution for the white Aryan race, but what of the idea that we were indeed created by or descended from Caucasian-like being from another world? I know many of my readers are torn on the subject, as we want ourselves to remain independent as a race, but the fact that we may be descended from ancient Aryan god-men makes us even more unique, and special to behold. If we are descended from gods and giants, then that makes we Europeans royal blood, and it makes it even more imperative that we secure the existence of that bloodline, and a definite future for our Aryan children.

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