Aryan Genesis – Part 1: Who Were the Ancient Aryans?

For almost three centuries, European linguists, anthropologists and geneticists have been searching for the true origins of the Indo-European, or Aryan, peoples. Many of us identify the term Aryan with German National Socialism, while some Jewish and liberal academics propose that Aryans are non-existent people invented by Hitler to enhance […]

The Aryan Sun Gods: A Forgotten Memory of White Origins

In the January/February edition of The Barnes Review history magazine, the mythological and archaeological evidence of white influence upon the rise of global civilization was analyzed in an article entitled “Ancient Caucasians: The Legacy of the Fallen Race.” This article took a look at the huge number of global civilizations that […]

John de Nugent on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show Discussing “Turner Diaries” and “Hunter”

source: On today’s show I was joined by John de Nugent to discuss Andrew Macdonald’s books The Turner Diaries and Hunter. John was the ideal guest to have on to discuss these books. This is because he actually worked for the author, “Dr. William Pierce,” from 1981 to 1984, in between the publication […]

Twilight of the Gods

Distinct from most other western mythologies, Teutonic mythology offers a riveting and somewhat grotesque eschatology. This account of the end of the world vies in graphic description to the harrowing visions of the Christmas judgement day, and the Saturnine sermons concerning the Second Coming. According to this ancient Germanic myth, […]

Aryan Caste System of India

By Thomas Bulfinch (1796–1867). From Age of Fable: Vols. I & II: Stories of Gods and Heroes. 1913. THE DIVISION of the Hindus into classes or castes, with fixed occupations, existed from the earliest times. It is supposed by some to have been founded upon conquest, the first three castes […]