The ancient Aryan struggle to break free from the death grip of Zion and throw these disgusting Hebrew vermin into the abyss has been turned into a legendary adventurous gameplay series by the Japanese game designers who created this popular and timeless franchise. The anti-Semitic themes can be considered subtle or even hidden to the untrained eye, but those who are familiar with World history and the nature of the Jewish Problem, will be able to decipher it.
It is no coincidence that the evil antagonist and arch-nemesis ‘Ganondorf’ has red kinky hair with long earlocked sideburns, dark beady eyes, a giant hooknose and the typical look of a creepy smirking pedophile. ‘Ganon’ symbolizes the Jew: the timeless cosmic fiend and bloodthirsty adversary to the Aryan race. He routinely and systematically kidnaps blond White women and hold them hostage. His agenda is total World domination and ruthless enslavement of all the so-called “Goyyim”. This devious Kike is even wearing a ‘tefillin’ on his forehead and arms. The only thing missing is a yarmulke, and you would have a fully equipped baby-penis sucking Orthodox Hasidic Chabad-Lubavitch rabbi.
The Jewish race is a perverse criminal tribe destined for annihilation.
Red-haired Kike demon.
Another red-haired Hebrew beast.

The protagonist of ‘The Legend of Zelda’ Nintendo game series is the blond and blue-eyed Aryan natural-born warrior known as ‘Link’. Above, you can see many of his appearances throughout his life of heroism and righteous anti-Semitic struggle. Link fights the eternal enemy Jew with untiring vigour and bravery. Nothing will stop this Caucasoid European legend from putting the slimy throat of Zion to the cold steel of his viking sword.
‘Link’ does everything in his power to save his blond blue-eyed Aryan princess ‘Zelda’ from the Jewish kidnappers who hold her hostage. The entire legend is an adventurous love story filled with action and necessary bloodshed. ‘Link’ must save his golden-haired White woman from the dark clutches of Zion, by any means necessary. All is fair in love and war against the Jew.
One of the levels that you had to get through had a game-map that was designed in the form of a swastika. The sun-wheel ‘hakenkreuz’ is the ancient symbol for righteous Aryan anti-Semitic struggle. However, it is not exclusive for the White race but also has significance for Japanese and Buddhists among countless other ethnic groups and religions. It is unclear if this resulted in the game being banned in Jew-occupied Germany.
The desperate accusations of anti-Semitism by pathetic Jews against the Japanese game-producers would increase when one of the bosses resembled a bearded pedophile rabbi with a deep vulturous hooked nose, carrying a staff of the Jewish “prophet” Moses. Above is official game art promotional Illustrations by redpilled game designers depicting the evil Hebrew rebbe. In order to continue in the game, you are obligated to eliminate this Talmudic Israelite monster without showing any mercy. Violent methods are a must and the result always being Jewish fatality.
‘Link’ raises his right arm to give the ancient Roman victory salute. As he shouts ‘Sieg Heil’! (Hail Victory!), all coward Yids run for cover. Kikes crawl and beg for mercy at the feet of this militant Nordic combatant. But the Jew will not receive any warmth or compassion in this war of existence or extinction.
The German National Socialists used the eagle in many of its symbols. The esthetics of Hitler’s revolution and struggle are truly amazing and admirable. The Jews must pay for having destroyed the most beautiful Reich in World history. Not a single Yid shall be left alive when we get our final revenge and reach the ultimate victory.
Ancient European Pagan and Shaman themes and symbols are frequently found in this timeless Japanese game-series.
‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ was released in 1998 and is considered by many to be one of the greatest games of all time. The fact that it has sold millions of copies all over the World attests to the fact that the anti-Jewish struggle is a very attractive and appealing concept that draws the attention of everybody on Earth who wants to achieve justice and freedom. In attacking the Jew, one is battling evil itself.
‘The Legend of Zelda’ has many Pagan and/or Shaman themes and pre-historic symbology. Can you see the similarities with Zoroastrianism, the ancient Aryan religion and religious philosophy? The Tri-Force is referred to as “The Golden Power” in ancient Hylian literature. It is an omnipotent sacred relic, representing the essence of the Golden-haired Goddesses who created the realm of Hyrule, the National Socialist White holy land. It appeared where they departed the realm for the heavens (Valhalla: Old Norse for Valhöll “hall of the slain”).
The Triforce is based on an ancient Nordic rune symbolizing the nine Worlds.
Old Norse Viking symbology frighten the coward enemy Jew and make many Yids cry out for mercy. Any historic White symbols are swastikas to the paranoid Jewish race, because they are driven by hatred against the Aryan race.
Blond blue-eyed goddesses are the fundament of Hyrulean historia. Jews seek to exterminate the supreme Aryan race off of the face of the Earth.
Blond blue-eyed goddesses are the fundament of Hyrulean historia. Jews seek to exterminate the supreme Aryan race off of the face of the Earth.
Faravahar is one of the best-known symbols of Zoroastrianism, the state religion of ancient Iran. The symbol is currently thought to represent a Fravashi (approximately a guardian angel).
Never hesitate to draw your sword when facing the inferior subhuman Jewish race. The Hebrew throat is made for cutting. The White justice-warrior ‘Link’ slashes Jew neck after neck without blinking, leaving a trail of decapitated Yid craniums. He shows no remorse nor regret, only uncompromising pride and sense of duty. He shows no sympathy for the suffering of the enemy Jew. As he sheds rivers of filthy diseased Jewish blood, he sees only the hundreds of millions of so-called “goyyim” who have been plundered, raped and murdered by International Jewry. Even though the battle-field can be gruesome and gory, ‘Link’ takes pleasure in destroying those ratfaced hooknosed goblins who seek to exterminate the Aryan people. Anti-Semitic combat is incredibly rewarding for the soul. When combating the Jew, you are fighting evil itself. You cannot negotiate with evil. The Jew is a sneaky and cunning malicious foe, always seeking ways to defile and destroy You and your people. Talk to him only using your superior Aryan ‘Master Sword’.
The final boss ‘Ganondorf’ sometimes takes a pig-like beastly shape with partly humanoid features. Isn’t that how we all know the Jew to be? A subhuman animal and dirty swine Kike! Those who have studied the history of anti-Jewish struggle throughout the ages, know very well that the Jew has been depicted in truthful propaganda as a filthy pig several times, along with the rat, the snake, the slimy-tentacled octopus, the poisonous spider, the worm and the cockroach. The imagery of the gluttonous capitalist swine has followed the Jew for many centuries.
Modern depiction of a swine Jew.
The Jew is depicted as a sinister octopus dominating and controlling the World. This truthful propaganda was produced by the brave German artist Josef Plank circa 1938.
The Jew as a power-hungry octopus.
Modern depiction of the Jew as a megalomaniac octopus.
The Jew depicted as a filthy plague-rat.
A caricature of a Jew as a spider astride the globe from ‘Jews, Zidovi: The Solution to the Jewish Question’ in the Independent State of Croatia, 1942 Anti-Semitic Exhibition in Zagreb.
German Anti-Semitic cartoon, Der Stürmer, 28 September 1944: Vermin – Life is not worth living. When one does not resist the parasite, Never satisfied as it creeps about. We must and will win.
The Jew depicted as cockroach.
The snake Jew must be strangled to death by any means necessary. We will not have freedom until the poisonous slithering Hebrew has been eliminated for all eternity!
‘Ganondorf’, the leader of the Jews, a race of desert brigands, is the archenemy of the Aryan freedom fighter ‘Link’ and the entire White race. The Jew embarks on an evil Hebrew quest to conquer all the kingdoms of the World, and seeks godlike power to facilitate this. His specific motives vary, but most often they include capturing the blond blue-eyed Aryan Princess ‘Zelda’ and planning to achieve the domination of the White lands known as Hyrule (and presumably the World beyond it).

The evil megalomaniac Jew ‘Ganon’ looks to a repulsive piece of literature known as the ‘Talmud’ to seek unlimited magical power which, in his bloodthirsty fantasy, will grant whatever wish the Kike desires. The Jew ‘Ganon’ believes in a despicable desert-religion known as Judaism, which feeds his rich imagination with the demented idea that the Jew has godlike strength and boundless mystical power. The Jew usually manipulates several other villains to accomplish his plans and ambitions. The Yid sees himself as invulnerable to all but the most powerful holy weapons such as the National Socialist ‘Master Sword’, wielded with great power by the White Aryan freedom-fighter ‘Link’.
This is a leaked original drawing of the arch-nemesis Ganondorf which was never meant to be seen by the general public. The final version was “cleaned-up” in order not to be so blatantly and obviously anti-Semitic.
This is another sinister character in ‘The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask’. He is known as “Happy Mask Salesman”. What a COHENcidence…
He is a very “Happy Merchant”…
He is a master of puppets. Many obedient so-called “goyyim” do his dirty work for him, in exchange for shekels.
The Jew Ganondorf’s lust for power can never be satisfied, he seeks complete World domination. But he never anticipated the boundless defiance and determination of the Aryan soldier ‘Link’. Will the Jew subject the planet to brutal slavery, or will he meet the White power of the will and the full force of the National Socialist lance? Only with incredible creativity and fanatic determination, can the devious Jew be toppled and decapitated. Organized militancy is a must.
The discretely anti-Semitic “Legend of Zelda” game series was incredibly appealing to the non-Jewish populations of the World, due to the implicit anti-Jewish symbolism and pure Nordic Aryan Jew-hating hero Link. The popularity was so explosive that a cartoon series was put into production, both in magazine form and also in motion as a TV-series. Indirect propaganda was inserted such as the hand-rubbing greedy “Merchant” depicted above. This genius dehumanization would only increase the readers hatred against the corrupt and evil Jewish race, and inspire a burning desire to exterminate the criminal Hebrew tribe. Through militant revolution, the Jews will be slashed down one at a time using Link’s superior Aryan ‘Master Sword’. Blood will be squirting and Jew skulls will be rolling.
In his quest to rescue his Golden-haired princess, the Aryan warrior Link will obliterate all Jews who stand in his path. Worthless Kike villains will line the sides of the White road to victory, in the form of decapitated Yid corpses of course. The ultimate foe is a swarthy beady-eyed hooknosed maniac as can be seen in the image above. He is of a certain ravenous tribe originating in the desolate barren deserts of the Middle East.
Link has a sacred obligation to his People. He has sworn an oath to protect his Race from the most vicious enemy known to Man: the Jew. Link pledges to go forth and smite the Jewish parasite.

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