This article is a year old and appeared in the July edition of The Barnes Review. Its newsworthy aspects are obvious out of date, but I felt republishing is a worthy endeavor because it  still has relevance today.

Vladimir Putin’s recent order to withdraw troops from Syria prompted some to believe a lessening of refugees from Syria and a greater promise for stabilization in Europe was at hand. Think again. Two days later mas sive bombings in a Brussels airport and subway declared loud and clear that the ISIS threat to Europe is not over. Historically, the 1,300-yearold jihad against Western Christian civilization has never ended. Arthur Kemp brilliantly demonstrates this in his book Jihad: Islam’s 1,300 Year War Against Western Civilization*, which is now available through THE BARNES REVIEW. According to Kemp, in centuries past, Syria, Lebanon, Persia, Pakistan, Asia Minor (Turkey), Egypt, Ethi opia and others were dominated by Christianity. With the rise of Islam in the 7th century A.D., a brutal purge of these Christian communities began, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of Christian men, women and children. This Mideast/Near East purge is nearly complete today. Jewish scholars claim the main method of Islamic conversion was taxation on non-Muslims. This is a ridiculous twisting and rewriting of history. Conversion in the vast majority of instances came by the sword. How far are Muslims willing to go in their relentless jihad (holy war)? This was described at length in the March/April edition of THE BARNES REVIEW.** Do you think today radical Islam will hesitate until all of Europe is cleansed of anything Christian? Anyone who considers the argument that the crusades were a wrongful colonialist war of aggression on the part of the West against Islam is burning their brains on the frying pan of political correctness, an insidious cult of cultural communist subversives. Political correctness has turned out to
be one of the most successful and deadly cults in history. This poison has posed a greater threat to Western culture than any single religious or political force in the history of the white race. The crusades were Christianity’s attempt to hold and/or regain lands that had been Christian for 500 and more years. Yes, Zionist schemers have successfully pitted Islam against Christianity in recent decades. In fact, some evidence suggests the powerful Jews created Islam for just such a purpose. But no one can doubt that Islam by itself has had its eye on Christian civilization since its very beginning. Had not the Franks stopped Islamic incursions at the Battle of Tours, Europe today might very well be an Islamic state. But the current situation is not totally the fault
of the Muslims. The global warmongers of the Anglo-American empire have used the U.S. military to destroy secular Muslim states and oust leaders like Saddam and Qaddafi, and now have their sights set on al-Assad of Syria. Russia attacked Syria and cleaned ISIS’s clock because the Russians feared a massive influx of radical Islamists into their own nation. The only way for this situation to change, to create a lasting front and comeback for the people of Europe and the entire white population of the world, is a resurgence of nationalism, which we do see happening in Europe now, despite the grip political correctness has on the minds of the people of the West. We have to wake up and realize that unless we stand and fight and put aside political correctness, our race and civilization is doomed. There are three possible ways we are going to win the battle. First there is a political solution: voting the traitors who are allowing this to happen out of office. But the powers behind the controlled media have a firm hold on the political establishment, too, thus making this solution problematic. Second, is all-out revolution. This most likely wouldn’t succeed either. Our people would be shot down in the streets and slaughtered like dogs—and vilified in the media as racist terrorists. Third is separation into individualized racial communities of whites. These options are examined in Kemp’s book Nova Europa: European Survival Strategies in a Darkening World. There is a fourth, even more drastic scenario. Many pundits are predicting a collapse of the federal systems of the United States and the European Union—a power vacuum that would be filled by nationalist parties and systems—that could allow our people some measure of self-determination after a period of societal unrest. If you want a publication that does not beat around the bush; that deals out criticism where it is deserved and praise where it is earned, then THE BARNES REVIEW is a publication you need to subscribe to. This magazine offers the frank and honest truth and I highly recommend it.

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