In Indiana Jones, Hollywood has depicted the National Socialists as scowering the globe looking “for all kinds of religious artifacts” so “Nazi scientists” can use their arcane power to rule the world. Indeed, we see this presented in both Raiders of the Lost Ark and in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. This is pure fantasy, but a suggestion which academics have pushed. In the 1930s, Himmler and the SS founded the Ahnenerbe or Ancestral Heritage Society, a research arm of the SS that sent expeditions across Europe and the world to investigate Aryan origins. This was an actual attempt, on the part of Heinrich Himmler and the SS, to generate a body of research and evidence that could recapture our Aryan heritage which was lost first to Imperial Roman occupation and then by Christianity. For the first time in human history, there was an attempt to re-discover true Aryan origins and to clarify Germanic prehistory. No one nation has put such an effort before or since to re-discover and document our prehistoric past. If this was Himmler’s only true contribution to history, than he should be considered a hero of our people. Although his main concern was validiting Germanic Aryan origins, his research has shown that the Aryan race has roots far beyond just Celtic, Slavic or Germanic implications, but shows that the Aryan race demonstrates unity of language, ethnicity and culture going back to a greater antiquity. Academics, on the other hand, insist that SS research was shoddy, poorly executed and aimed only at deceiving others into support the idea of Germanic superiority. On the contrary, Himmler was aware of Christianity’s negative impact on Aryan history. His goal was to undo this blight against our people, and to regenerate a true and revived Aryan faith. He took his work very seriously, and so did those scientists working with him. The main criticism of Third Reich scietnists rests on the feeling if they are not Jewish scientists then their opinions are worth nothing. Starting with the destruction of the Library of Alexandria onward, Christianity initiated the greatest destruction of racial knowledge and history the world has ever known. NS philosopher, writer and leader Alfred Rosenberg further explains: “Late Roman, Christian, Egyptian or Jewish ideas have penetrated into the soul of Germanic man and partly destroyed it.” We must remember that the late Roman period was distinctively culturally degenerate and late Egyptian culture was dominated by petty mysticism and non-white domination. Both Roman and Egyptian cultures began as Nordic civilizations, but like this country now influences others and destroys them in the process.
Supporters of Christianity claim Christian monks preserved ancient knowledge and records and led to the salvation of our past. On the contrary, had Christianity never become the official religion of the Empire we would have a much stronger and more comprehensive knowledge of that past. This was not an attempt to reclaim ancient powers for military use or to investigate UFOs. That is History Channel garbage. Heinrich Himmler was mindful that Christianity had only succeeded in dimming the racial memory of the German Aryan race, and that there must be evidence of a much more distant prehistoric origin to Germanic and Aryan civilization. Surprisingly, authors Graham Hancock, John Anthony West, Robert M. Schoch, Lair Scranton and others have been claiming that there is evidence of a forgotten chapter in human history, and that our ancient myths are not just fanciful stories but rather fragmented memories of that long lost past. National Socialism, on the other hand, anticipated such revelations decades before.

In January 1942, Hitler commented that: “Legend cannot be extracted from the void, it couldn’t be a purely gratuitous figment. Nothing prevents us from supposing, and I believe, even that it would be to our interest to do so, that mythology is a reflection of things that have excisted and of which humanity has retained a vague memory. In all the human traditions, whether oral or written, one finds mention of a huge cosmic diaster . . . In the Nordic legend we read of a struggle between giants and gods. In my view the thing is explicable only by the hypothesis of a disaster that completely destroyed a humanity that already possessed a high degree of civilization.” Hitler’s words are almost identical to the words of Graham Hancock. Those who think Hitler was nothing more than ranting fool, must research further his writings and statement not only regarding the Jewish question but his views on race and Aryan origins which he touches upon briefly in Mein Kampf. But in Mein Kampf, Hitler makes clear who created civilization and what the result would be if that race died out. “Every manifestation of human culture, ever product of art, science and technical skill, whgich we see before our eyes to-day, is almost, exclusively the product of the Aryan creative power. All that we admire in the world today, its science and its art, its technical developments and discoveries, are the products of the creative activities of a few peoples, and it may be true that their first beginnings must be attributed to one race. The existence of civilization is wholly dependetn on such peoples. Should they perish, all that makes this earth beautiful will descend with them into the grave.” He even gave a serious warning and prediction to White America. “In North America the Teutonic element, which has kept its racial stock pure and did not mix it with any other racial stock, has come to dominate the American Continent and will remain master of it as long as that elemtn does not fall a victim to the habit of adulterating its blood.”

While many are familiar myths of Atlantis and Graham Hancock and Robert Schoch’s own Atlantean theories, the National Socialists and their intellectuals did more comprehensive research of the Atlantean origins of White Humanity than anyone in the last eight decades. In the 1920s, NS philosopher Alfred Rosenberg and writer Rudolf John Gorsleben championed the idea of the Northern Atlantis, known as Thule. “ According to NS doctrine, the Aryans are a separate species from other non-white peoples including Jews. Indeed, there is strong genetic evidence for this. The purest of Northern Europeans, for instance, are found to possess RH Negative blood, which lacks the Rheses monkey gene, which all other people on Earth have. There is also strong physiological, chemical and anatomical differences beyond skin pigmentation and hair type that separates white Aryans from other racial types. Also, since there is more diversity within the white race than in any other race, there is evidence of significant genetic drift. Those with RH Negative blood have a hard time intermixing with those of RH Positive blood, this includes attemtps of Northern European females mating with black African males. The females, in this horrid circumstance, have to have repeated injections to maintain the pregnancy and then c sections are a rule. Comparing blacks and Asians to whites, you will see a great difference in their buttox, legs, feet, the way they walk. The Anhenerbe was also responsible for amassing an extensive catalog of white racial types. Marxist academics blast the science of measuring skulls, which SS archaeologists and researchers perfected, as psudo-science, especially with regards to evaluating the gait. Observing how one walks indicates race, as blacks naturally walk very different from Aryans, as do Asains, Native Americans and Mestizos.

One of Himmler’s ambitions was to travel to Iceland to review the ancient Scandianavian myths and legends and to examine and record runestones and other Viking and pre-Viking artifacts. Like myself, Kyle Hunt and others, Himmler believed there was evidence that the Aryan race did not evolve from lower African apes, but descended from the gods as was described in the Eddas and other Icelandic sagas. Himmler also believed that the Mensch and Hagal runes were symbolic of Our descent from the gods. This sounds like typical Ancient Alien rhetoric but, both Erich von Daniken and his protege Giorgio Tsoukolaus and the Jew Zecharia Sitchin still claimed that our ancestry was anything but pure and concealed the truth that Aryans are descended from the gods of the sky and launched the idea not only in a multicultural interpretation of what it means to be descended from the gods but that the gods are actively involved in our lives today. Some have speculated that there is an internal conflict secretely being waged among the governments and institutions of the world, one controlled by allies to the white race and others completely controlled and fighting for the interests of the Jews. Some have even drawn a connection between the Jews and the Grays. Indeed, some have suggested that the Germans discovered a downed UFO in the Black Forest and began reverse engineering its technology, a task often attributed to Himmler’s Ancestral Heritage Society.

Regardless of rumor and speculation, what we do know is that Heinrich Himmler, by single-handedly commissioning and promoting the research of other talented German archaeologists, historians, mythologists and religious scholars, attempted to recapture our forgotten past in a way never before achieved.

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