It is a shame that this poisonous Jew-Capitalist scam hasn’t been criminalized yet. Toxifying the so-called “goyyim” and destroying the environment at the same time. These greedy Jews kill two birds with one stone as You pay money to harm yourself and your surroundings with teflon (Polytetrafluoroethylene). As the sprayed-on teflon coating gets scraped off after minimal usage, you are actually eating this Hebrew venom. Throw this toxic garbage away immediately or give it away as a present to an unknowing Jew.

Adolf Hitler: “…Hart wie Kruppstahl…” (“…hard like Krupp-steel…”). Switch to stainless steel. Preferably produced by the superior German people. Make sure it’s not aluminium. Steel is durable and will last you a lifetime. This is most likely the easiest and most economic alternative long-term. But how do I cook my eggs? Won’t it stick to the steel surface? No it won’t. Just make sure you initially heat a generous dose of butter from grass-fed pasture-raised cows or virgin coconut oil before you crack the eggs into the pan, and then stir continuously on low heat. Enjoy your stainless-steel cooked omelette.
Ceramic cookware is also a healthy alternative. Complete ceramic through-and-through is probably superior to a spray-on coating of ceramic that will wear off over time and be scraped into your food.,1&wid=340&hei=206
Glass is not toxic but easily breaks and therefore is a safety hazard as it could slice you easily. Don’t let hot glass come in contact with cold water. It will shatter and gut you like a fish. Handle with care.
It is highly unlikely that the legendary martyr Adolf Hitler would have used teflon (Polytetrafluoroethylene) in connection with ingestible food and liquids.
Through fanatic militant determination, we will rescue the Universe from the toxic influence of the star of David. We will tie the rope to the slimy throat of Zion and deliver magnificent justice. Freedom and glory will shine across our lands under the swastika banner. When we National Socialists finally crush the evil Jewish race and take control, our planet will be cleansed from all Hebrew poisons.

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